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Bentley Job Boot Camp

Great coverage in Fortune Magazine of Bentley’s first ever “Job Boot Camp” for recent graduates, “a four-day intensive workshop held a few weeks after graduation, with the aim of radically changing the way college students approach the often drawn-out and frustrating search for their first job out of school.”

Whether it’s as close at the Cape or as far away as Paris, Falcons fly to some great places during every #BentleySummer. Share your pics on Twitter and/or Instagram and show us what you’re up to during these summer months.

Top 10 business schools in the United States

Many of you have seen this great news already, Falcons and friends, but may have missed that Bentley actually earned FOUR Top Ten spots inCollege Factual's rankings: #1 in Business, Management, and Marketing; #1 in Computer Information Systems; #2 in Business Administration and Management; and #6 in Accountancy. 

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Jul 8

Best Places for Ice Cream Near Campus

With the heat officially upon us, it’s definitely time for ice cream!  For those of you you still on campus or near-by we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite ice-cream places in the area.  (Or if you’re not around during the summer, September’s not too late for ice cream!)

1. Lizzy’s Ice Cream ParlorLocated in downtown Waltham on the popular Moody Street, Lizzy’s Ice Cream is a must for all Bentley students.  From the cows painted on the walls to the old-fashioned sundae bowls to the unique flavors (Charles River Crunch, anyone?), this place is a great place for a nice afternoon snack to cool down.

367 Moody Street
Waltham, MA 02453

2. Pizzi Farm: Market, Deli, & Ice Cream Shoppe: Though this isn’t solely an ice cream shoppe, it’s still a great place for a cold treat.  They also have soda fountains, ice cream floats, frappes, and smoothies if you’d rather drink your ice cream!

549 Lincoln Street
Waltham, MA 02451

3. Moozy’s Ice Cream & Yogurt EmporiumWho can resist the cow in the logo?  With both soft and hard frozen yogurt available, this is a great place if you’re trying to be a bit healthier, with flavors from Cheesecake to Coffee Toffee to Wildberry Crumble.  (Okay, so maybe not too healthy, but it’s yogurt, right?)

2 Trapelo Road
Belmont, MA 02478

4. J.P. LicksJust hop on the shuttle and you’re there!  Though J.P. Licks doesn’t have much outdoor seating, pick a nice summer day and enjoy your treat outside.  According to one of our interns, they have the all-time best dairy-free chocolate ice cream.  Definitely worth a stop next time you’re in Harvard Square!

1312 Mass Ave.
Cambridge MA 02138

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5 Ways Women Can Help Each Other in the Workplace

Our Women in Business study found that 90% think women have what it takes to succeed in business. Read recommendations from Bentley’s Center for Women and Business’s Executive-Advisor-in-Residence Toni Wolfman. More fastcompany

It’s been a month since our Falcons flew off for the summer, and we’re sure missing all of you!  Help us stay up-to-date on all your adventures by posting pictures with #BentleySummer to Instagram or Twitter all summer long!

It’s been a month since our Falcons flew off for the summer, and we’re sure missing all of you!  Help us stay up-to-date on all your adventures by posting pictures with #BentleySummer to Instagram or Twitter all summer long!

Jun 3

Relive Bentley Ultimate’s recent DII national championship win with this great video from Skyd Magazine online.

Bentley University: A to Z

Whether you’re a recent #Bentley2014 grad missing campus or part of #Bentley2018 excited to join us this Fall, there’s definitely a lot to love about Bentley.  Borrowing from NYU’s idea, we decided to put together an alphabetical list of the best parts of campus.

A is for the Arts. The Arts have definitely grown at Bentley over the last few years.  We have plays, APO, First Fridays with student performers, guest musicians in the Pub, free music lessons for anyone interested, and even the first annual Arts at Bentley Banquet this year!  And of course, you can always hear someone playing one of the many pianos located around campus.

B is for Breakfast by Moonlight.  RHA’s twice-annual event, bringing out thousands of students the night before Reading Day to help everyone de-stress before finals.  Faculty and staff serve favorites such as tater tots to students dressed in that semester’s theme, and all proceeds from the event go to charity.


C is for CAB. Campus Activities Board, the group in charge of many favorite campus events, including Spring Day, Homecoming, SuperBingo, Casino Nights, The Amazing Race, and more.

D is for Dorms — except they’re Residence Halls here at Bentley, and dormitories are literally just places to sleep.Trees, Kresge, Orchards, CoNo, Fenway, Falcones, North, Castle — the range of options ensures that you have a great place to live all four years.  And they offer a lot more than just a bed: they’re a place to hold a group meeting, or watch the big game on the TV, or cook a floor dinner in the common kitchen.  And though the five-minute walk to Lower may seem far when your friend asks you to come visit, you’ll likely never live this close to so many friends again!

E is for Eating. Unfortunately, in the real world you can’t just swipe your ID and get an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Whether your favorite is chicken from Mein Bowl, a burrito bowl from Curritos, chocolate chip cookies from Seasons, or Nugget Night, there’s always an endless supply of food on campus.

F is for Flex the FalconThis fierce mascot can be seen at most sporting events and other campus events, intimidating the opposing team and offering hugs to some future Falcons.  He and his little brother, Blizzard, definitely complete our “cast” of falcons!


G is for the GBs. From Accounting and Finance to Statistics to Global Strategy Marketing and Operations, the GBs (General Business classes) give all our students a wide overview of business.  They also help freshmen and sophomores pick their majors by showing them their options!

H is for Harvard Square. Just about twenty-five minutes away on the free daily shuttle, it’s easy to get off-campus and enjoy nearby Cambridge, and, from there, Boston and beyond.

I is for International. With almost 20% International students and plenty of students studying abroad every year, traveling everywhere from Ghana to Isreal to Italy, the campus offers a unique cultural outlook.

J is for Job Placement. With countless jobs and internships posted on BentleyLink, a Career Fair twice a year, numerous networking events, resume ERs, and resources available even to alumni, it’s easy to see why our Career Services were ranked #3 by the Princeton Review and 98% of Bentley graduates are employed or planning to attend graduate school within six months of graduation. 

K is for Kesar. The therapy dog Bentley students helped raise for 18 months, now in official training to be a certified therapy dog for someone in need.


L is for Library. Offering access to hundreds of databases, free museum passes, plenty of study rooms, downloadable books, research guides, and much more, the library is a great resource for all students. Plus, it’s open until 2am most nights and is 24/7 during finals!

M is for Main Street and Moody Street. In a Pickle, Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, Cafe on the Common, John Brewer’s — delicious food is always only a short drive or walk away in downtown Waltham!

N is for National Championships. With DII Women’s Basketball Team (who also racked up numerous other accolades this season) and DIII Men’s Ultimate both winning their first National Championships, this was definitely a great year for Bentley athletics!



O is for Outside. The minute the weather turns warm, the Green Space and all the quads fill with students.  Just watch out for the flying footballs!

P is for President Gloria LarsonA lover of hugs and all things “awesome, awesome, awesome!,” she definitely inspires all Falcons with her energetic and connected leadership style.

Q is for Questioning. With class sizes capping at 35 students and all Professors required to hold regular office hours, you’ll always have plenty of time for that one-on-one help.

R is for Reunions. Graduation doesn’t mean your time at Bentley is over!  With a strong Alumni Association, it’s easy to stay in touch with the large network of alumni, starting with your Zero-Year Reunion at Homecoming just a few months after graduating.

S is for the Student CenterThis place is always bustling with activity!  Home to music in the pub, late night events with Falcons Unite, services in the Sacred Space, events by the Multi-Cultural Center, food in Seasons Dining Hall, and lectures and events in the Back Bay rooms, it’s hard to be bored if you wander over here. (Plus, renovations are currently in the works to make it even bigger and better than before!)

T is for Top Twenty. Enough said.

U is for Uplifting. Between last year’s anonymous #BEntleyKIND campaign and these posters popping up around campus this year, our Falcons definitively know how to Be Kind.


V is for Views. Just take a walk to the third floor of Smith at sunset and try to tell us it isn’t stunning.

W is for Winter. Whether or not you enjoy the snow, you definitely got to experience an authentic New England winter on campus!


X is for eXperiential Learning. Okay, we’re cheating a bit with this one, but you can’t talk about Bentley without mentioning Experiential Learning.  From internships to Service-Learning to corporate partnerships to education abroad, learning outside the classroom is not only encouraged, it’s expected.  (And, judging by the pictures from Habitat for Humanity this year, it’s a lot of fun, too!)


Y is for Yoga. And Zumba, and tons of other fitness classes, all available to students through the Center for Health and Wellness.

Z is for no Zzzzzs. Because who can sleep when there are so many fun things to do?

Let us know in the comments — did we miss your favorite part about Bentley?

A HUGE congratulations to the Bentley Ultimate Team for winning the DIII National Championships on Sunday in Westerville, Ohio!  In an impressive 15-13 win against Elon University, the team took home their first National Championship, also bringing the second national title to Bentley this year!

In addition, Matt Keegan, Class of 2015, received the Spirit Award. Learn more about this victory here:

Congratulations, Falcons!!  We wish we could have been there to cheer you on; you definitely did us proud.